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Find those unique, high end fashions that catch your eye and help you stand out from the crowd

You'll get hand picked fashion items sourced to bring you the best price possible on the looks you want. We have new inventory coming in all the time!

  • Whether it's something lightweight for hot summer days or warm for winter nights.
  • Are you looking for that unique item that you look everywhere for, but you just can't find it? We've got you covered!
  • Whether you are looking to get a new outfit for the holidays or just want to find a great sale on some must-have items, now is the time to take advantage of amazing deals.

Shopping for fashion, retail clothing, and fashion merchandise can be overwhelming. We will make your shopping experience easier. The discounted designer clothing we offer is a great way to find stylish clothes at a fraction of the cost. Our clothing options are endless and from both affordable places and luxury brands like Lululemon.

Our Mission

Here you will find great bargains on name brand and designer handbags, clothing, jewelry, shoes and much more. With us you will get a wide array of styles and sizes to browse. From the basics to more statement pieces that send a message.

Our Plan

We strive to provide hand picked, high end fashion items sourced from select marketplaces by our own resource team. We find items that fit any budget and make you look and feel fabulous any time of day or night.

Our Vision

If your life is filled with the If your life is filled with old, dingy fashions and worn out fabrics. Let us provide you with a new resource for those fashionable items that really catch your eye and help you stand apart from the world around you.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Our sales are always a great way to get good quality clothing at an even better price. There's nothing wrong with being frugal with your clothes shopping habits. It's always a great way to save money, and with the right buying choices, you can get the most out of your purchases. You can't keep the same clothes around forever. They get worn down over time. Buy clothes helps refresh your current wardrobe and give your current styles a makeover at the same time.

  • The initial phase of our operations is to utilize a select group of merchant accounts for our inventory and distribution. This allows us to bring our merchandise directly to you the consumer in the places your already shop today. Next we will integrate that first phase within our own self contained, full featured eccommerce site with mobile ingration. Finally, we will create our own name brand, custom designed merchandise to our many followers.

  • We primarily operate in the United States at this time. However we have ambitious plans to expand more in the future. Join our mailing list by filling out the form below so you can get the latest changes as they are made now and into the future.

  • Complete the form at the bottom of this page or send us an email using the email address next to the form at this bottom page. This will add you to our mailing list so that you can be notified as changes are made and as we progress through our development plan for the future. This way you are the first to know when a new feature is going to be available.

  • Currently, we are in the software development phase for the full featured Purse Impression website and mobile integration. The timeframe for completing this phase is to be determined based on the current availble resources. To get updates about our progress and coming release dates of milestones and features, send us an email so you can be added to the mailing list.

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